Two new sub groups for Construction Industry Forum


The Construction Industry Forum have recently added a further two sub groups to the important work streams that are underway on behalf of the industry.

Inert Waste Sub Group

Headed by Dave Duquemin and in direct response to the excellent presentations by the Inert Waste Project team and the subsequent discussions that took place at the recent CIF open quarterly meeting the group will take forward representation regarding types of waste, projected quantities and costs considerations on behalf of the industry.

The Inert Waste Project Team on behalf of States of Guernsey are looking for potential quarry sites for inert waste infill and there is currently a call for sites underway via the SOG website.

A second and important part of this work is the new Draft Waste Management Plan which has been e mailed to members separately. As the e mail suggests the document is an early draft and is highly confidential, CIF are very fortunate to be given opportunity to comment and contribute at this formative stage.

Tim Guilbert group chairman said: “It’s really good news that this SOG Project Team has sought our views so early and a great opportunity in helping Government to see all sides of a difficult situation.”

Structural Engineers Sub Group

Paul Armstrong will Chair this sub group and report directly to the executive team at the monthly executive meetings.

The structural engineers have felt there is value in them meeting and debating the many and varied challenges facing their area of the construction industry and Construction Industry Forum where delighted to offer them the framework of the CIF executive to both support and assist them.

Tim Guilbert said: “We are delighted to assist Paul and his team with this work, the technical areas are often poorly represented and we hope this group will take an active role in influencing and promoting consistency in both policy and standards.”

All sub groups will have their minutes posted on the CIF website from time to time so members can follow the lines of consultations and discussion and we would encourage members to contact the chairs or members directly to discuss items that may be of specific interest or upon which they have an opinion they wish to express.