Two-school model sees College of FE stuck in a time warp!


The dust is finally settling on the big schools issue and now the real work starts for the authors of the two school report labelled the “alternative model” during the debate.

But whether the outcome had been the same or leant towards the three school model as proposed by the then standing Education Committee, the College of Further Education will not see significant change or enhancement for up to 7 years.

Whilst highly supportive of CofFE, many will argue this will leave the college floundering in a time warp the construction industry can ill afford.

Historically we may not have seen the sort of pioneering learning strategies or environments that the young people of today deserve and demand and it is unlikely left to run its natural course that the CofFE will provide this in the future.

Just before the publication of the 2 school model, members of the CIF executive shared a paper with CofFE Governors and Chamber of Commerce in an attempt to highlight that casual a change wasn’t the only option and whilst radical in thinking the provision of an industry specific research and training centre focused on meeting the islands construction needs head on was a real possibility.

The centre wouldn’t just educate to all the latest standards but would also set research agendas to challenge for example “the way in which affordable housing provision is made or island specific building regulations”.

There is no doubt young unrestricted minds can conjure up ideas, methods and solutions not previously considered and the learning experience should not be seen as a set of criteria that needs to be imparted to a schedule but a mutual experience and opportunity for growth on both sides for enhancement of our minds and our economy.

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